I’ve been nominated for an Emmy!

Fantastic news this week! I have been nominated for a daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Achievement for Hairstyling” for my work styling Bethenny on her chat show.

I am so thrilled to receive this honor for a job I simply love doing. I was born to do hair! It’s even more special that I’ve been nominated while working with people I adore — the whip-crack smart, hilarious and ultra-talented Bethenny, and all her amazing team behind the scenes.

The awards will be presented on June 22nd at the legendary Beverly Hilton. Watch this space to hear all about it! For now, here are a few of the fun moments from the past year of working with Bethenny on her show…

5 Easy Steps to a Fashion Favorite: the Fishtail Braid

Blake Lively with a fishtail braid. (Pic: Just Jared)

Those gorgeous fishtail braids worn by celebrities on the red carpet might look super-complicated, but you can create the look yourself easily by following five simple steps.

I shared the secret recently for fans of bethenny over on her website, and the response has been huge.

So here you go, ladies — start experimenting with this versatile and easy braid. Tousled and bohemian, it’s a great look for all types of long hair.


If you want a high or side fishtail braid, make a ponytail. Otherwise gather your hair at the base of your neck. Then, separate the hair into two chunks.


Take a thin strand of hair from the right side and braid it into the left side: cross the strand over the right chunk and under the left chunk. The strand needs to be thin — you’ll be doing this several times, so you need to make sure you have enough hair to work with to get all the way down to the end.


Take a thin strand from the left side and braid it into the right side.


Take a thin strand from the right side and braid it into the left. Continue this pattern until all hair is braided.


Tie hair off at the end and pull the braid apart with your fingers to separate the strands a bit. It should look tight but slightly mussed, like “bed head.” Finish off with hair spray, and you’re good to go!

Once you’ve got the hang of the basic fishtail braid, try experimenting — as you can see from these celeb pics, the possibilities are endless…

Rihanna rocking a red fishtail (pic: Getty Images)

Nina Dobrev with a glam red carpet fishtail (Pic: Getty Images)

Dianna Agron takes the fishtail to the next level, creating a romantic updo (Pic: Getty Images)

September discounts, specials, and news

We have been buzzing with energy this month! Our stylists have been in high demand by brides tying the knot in the busiest bridal month of the year, and by designers for Fashion Week. I got back from touring the country with Bethenny, whose new talk show launched this month, and I recently styled Bethenny’s hair for her People magazine interview. And we are offering some great discounts on nourishing hair treatments to repair summer-stressed hair . . .



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Stacey’s News
I just got back from an 11-city tour with Bethenny as she promoted her new talk show in advance of its launch this month. I had an awesome time making sure Bethenny’s hair looked great for all her appearances, including her People magazine cover.

You can see me behind the scenes of Bethenny’s national tour here in this video shot in Los Angeles. Bethenny discusses the best kale she had ever eaten in her life, which came from a restaurant that “massages” the kale before serving it — only in LA!

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The premiere of Bethenny’s show was a hit — I hope you’ve had a chance to catch it on weekdays on Fox 5. You can soon see me and my salon, Loft 26, on the show. We’ll be doing a makeover for one lucky viewer, who will be featured in redbook.

And important news for those of you who have missed salon mascot Penelope Plum, my Italian greyhound: she is now back from her summer Florida vacation! I’m so happy to be reunited with her. As you can see, she’s back to working hard in the salon.