Wedding Style: Romantic, elegant bridal hair and makeup inspiration

We loved creating these romantic, elegant, and oh-so feminine hair and makeup looks for a wedding style inspiration shoot by the ultra-talented Cyrience Creative Studios. The shots turned out so beautiful that they were just featured in Well Wed!


Floral Design + Photography: Cyrience Creative Studios | Gowns: Rebecca Schoneveld | Hair + Makeup: Once Upon a Bride| Hair Accessories: Happily Ever Borrowed + Jennifer Behr

The folks over at Well Wed had this to say:

“Fall head over heels for dreamy dresses & swoon-worthy bridal accessories in this stunningly styled fashion shoot from Cyrience Studios & Rebecca Schoneveld! Effortlessly elegant gowns from Rebecca Schoneveld’s newest collection are the epitome of romance, from the lovely lace details to the delicate beading & flowy, feminine silhouettes.

“Fresh-faced beauty for the modern bride abounded in every amorous look from this oh-so-chic shoot. Glittering hair accessories from Jennifer Behr and Happily Ever Borrowed brought a touch of whimsical glamour to intricately braided do’s, while sleek and sophisticated gowns kept things traditionally bridal. Bouquets of fresh-cut eucalyptus, crisp white ranunculus and blossoming garden roses brought an ethereal, garden-fresh air to the contemporary yet timeless shoot.”

Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-020 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-033 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-043 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-048 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-050 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-057 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-061 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-066 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-067 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-073 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-078 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-098 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-102 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-108 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-111 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-115 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-117 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-142 Cyrience_OnceUponABride_BridalInspiration_Hires-144

Stacey shares wedding hair and makeup trends with fashionistas on “Archetype Me”

Hot new social media site Archetype Me just featured my advice on the latest hair and makeup trends and tips for brides, wedding parties, and guests! So here’s the lowdown…

Braided updos
Adding braids to your updo is a trend that’s going strong, especially for more fashion-forward girls going for an unconventional romantic look.

Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Morrison going for unconventional romantic looks with braids. Photos: Getty Images.

Retro glamour
Thanks to The Great Gatsby, vintage-inspired hair is very popular. Girls who wear their hair down are going for stylized, Veronica Lake waves, and Art Deco hairpieces add a great finishing touch.

Jessica Chastain and Eva Longoria with Veronica Lake-style retro waves. Photos: Getty Images

Hair accessories
If you’re doing your own hair for the big day, add a hair accessory. It instantly makes your hair look special. Blow your hair out and fashion it up with a headband. My favorite designers are Jennifer Behr and Dauphines of New York. And check out Once Upon A Bride’s selection of gorgeous accessories.

Emmy Rossum and Lydia Hearst adding effortless touches of glamour to their looks with hair accessories. Photos: Getty Images

Dry shampoo and texturizing spray
No matter what style you choose, it’s usually best not to wash your hair on the morning of your wedding. Instead, remove grease and freshen up your hair with René Futurer Naturia Dry Shampoo, and have Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray on hand. You can use no other products, and this will make your hair stay, even if you’ve chosen an updo.

Nicole Ritchie and Naomi Watts going for flapper-era looks. Photos: Getty Images.

Be prepared
Stash an emergency packet of bobby pins and invisible hair ties in your bag, so if you get hot, you can pop to the bathroom and create an instant updo. And carry a travel-size hairspray to keep your hair in place all night.